Information Systems Audit and Special Assignments

The Information Systems Audit and Special Programs Section within the Operations Department of the Agency is responsible for performing specialized audits/reviews and advisory services in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).
In general, the section undertakes assignments in the following broad areas:

Information Systems Audit

The section has been assigned to conduct Information Technology and Information Systems Audits in all public section institutions in Ghana. However, due to the level of sophistication and criticality of the Information Systems in some public sector institutions, not all public institutions are currently covered.
In carrying out its activities, the section makes conscious efforts to impart knowledge to the Internal Auditors of the institution within which the assignment is being conducted.
Towards achieving the objective of imparting knowledge to Internal Auditors, the section also periodically organizes classroom based training sessions in various areas of Information System Audit to Internal Auditors.
You may request for an Information Systems Assignment or Training here.

Special Assignments

Any audit, review or advisory assignment that is requested by an MDA or MMDA is considered a special assignment. These usually include audits/review into various financial, operational or administrative activities of the MDA or MMDA. They may also include requests for professional advisory or consultancy services to set-up new systems and/or improve current systems of operations or management in finance, administration or other areas.
If you have a need to assess any function area of your department, to review the operations of a department, or to set-up systemic processes of a department, please contact the Agency.

Government Programs

Aside the traditional MDAs and MMDAs, Government also sets up initiatives to achieve stated objectives. From time-to-time, the Agency assesses the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of these initiatives by conducting value-for-money reviews.

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