8th Annual Forum
 The Board, Management and staff of the Agency would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the 8th Annual Internal Audit Forum, which was held at the National Theatre from 26th-27th November, 2013, a success.

We are grateful for the inspiring words delivered on behalf of H.E. President John Dramani Mahama by the Hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr. Seth Terkper.

The theme of the Forum, “Fraud Waste and Abuse,” is the most important challenge to our democracy and national development, and as a nation, if we do not stem this culture, we run the risk of becoming a “kleptocracy” or rule by thieves.

The need for political will to curb the menace of fraud, waste and abuse in order to transform the current system to make it harder for corruption to thrive becomes very necessary.  There should be a fundamental change in the Constitution to require the citizenry to account for their sources of wealth, because this nation has reached the point where people who are suspected to be corrupt will have the responsibility to justify their source of wealth. The Ghana Revenue Authority must be empowered to assess the wealth of people for taxation purposes; the Attorney General’s office should be separate from the Minister of Justice to give the former the total autonomy to investigate fraud, waste, abuse and all forms of corruption; Public servants should be held liable and made to explain non-delivery their assigned responsibilities; and Information Communication Technology (ICT) should be used to reduce to the minimum contacts between public officials and citizens in assessing services.  Also, assurance groups (e.g. internal and external audits) should be adequately resourced to effectively play their roles; Management must ensure that audit recommendations are implemented promptly to improve controls and prevent recurrence of systemic audit findings by internal and external auditors; Public institutions should ensure that ARICs are established and made to play their roles effectively.

To all political appointees and elected officials, CEOs, Chief Directors, Heads of Departments as well as Internal Auditors who made this year’s Forum happen, we say, thank you once again.

  • Welcome Address
    Click here:  Mr. Kwabena Obese-Jecty, Director-General, IAA
  • Brief Remarks
    Click here:  Nii Adumansa-Baddoo, Internal Audit Board Chairman
  • Keynote Address
    Click here:   His Excellency, John Dramani Mahama, President of the Republic of Ghana
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse of State Resources: the Bane of National Development
    Click here Prof. Stephen Adei, Senior Lecturer, Pentecost University
  • Development of Policies to Control Fraud, Waste and Abuse: The Role of the Governing Board/Council
    Click here:  Presentation:  Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, GIMPA
  • Forum Summation
    Click here:  Director-General, IAA
  • Notes on the Eighth Annual Internal Audit Forum
    Click here:  Chairperson, Dr.  Esther Ofei-Aboagye
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