10th Annual Forum

 The Board, Management and Staff of the Agency would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the 10th Annual Internal Audit Forum a success. This year’s Forum, which brought together 941 participants, was organised under the theme: "Internal Auditing: An Effective Management Tool For Good Governance" and took place from the 21st to the 22nd October 2015, at the International Conference Centre, Accra.

Opening Ceremony
We are grateful to the Hon. Johnny Osei Kofi, Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the President, for representing His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana at the Opening Ceremony and also for his inspiring address.

The Chairman, in his opening remarks, stressed the importance of managements of organization setting the right tone at the top to drive the achievement of the organization’s objectives and enhance the work of Internal Auditors. He also stated that the lack of resources is seriously hampering the work of the Agency and Internal Auditors in general. The African Development Bank, under its Ghana Institutional Support Programme, is helping the Agency with various activities, one of which is the development of a Performance Audit Manual.

In the Director-General’s welcome address, he expressed the Agency's gratitude to His Excellency the President for appointing it to serve on the High Level Implementation Committee of the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan. He said the Agency has chalked many successes over the past 10 years, notable among them being the facilitation of the creation of IAUs in the MDAs and MMDAs, training and capacity building and publication of Audit manuals.

In his keynote address, The Deputy Chief of Staff Hon. Johnny Osei Kofi, acknowledged that the country was faced with a number of governance challenges including adherence to laws and regulations. He stated that the internal auditor had a duty to constantly call the attention of management of MDAs/MMDAs to shortfalls in their systems and guide them to correct these shortfalls. This role the internal auditor plays cannot be overemphasized. He also cautioned internal auditors against making reckless and irresponsible statements in their audit reports. He said the institution and practice of good governance was very important in the quest to improve the lives of the citizens of Ghana.


In his presentation on the Theme, Mr. Eric Yankah noted that the work scope of the internal auditor encompasses everything within the organization and therefore Internal Auditors should be involved in management meetings,  advice on technical areas when the need arises and ensure there is identifiable value associated with the work of management.

In his presentation on the Topic: Implementing Audit Recommendations: Challenges and the Way Forward, Mr. Kwame Asante noted that the quality of audit report and its timeliness goes a long way in helping the management function achieve its objectives. Challenges impeding the successful implementation of audit recommendations include, lack of appreciation of the internal audit function, weak support by management of the internal auditors’ work,  and ineffective monitoring systems. In the case of ARICs, the challenges include inadequate technical knowledge and skills among members, lack of proper understanding of the role of ARIC and the independence of members.

In his submission on the Topic: Fighting Corruption: Tone at the Top, Mr. Justice Emile Short, said that Tone at the Top must go beyond rhetoric. Leaders should practicalise Tone at the Top and ensure that it trickles down to all levels of the organization.  If top management exhibits the wrong tone at the top or appears indifferent to ethical values, employees will be more prone to commit corruption, fraud and other types of misconduct.

Click on the links below to find the full version of the various addresses and presentations.


  • Keynote Address Hon. Johnny Osei Kofi
    Hon. Johnny Kofi Osei   Click Here
  • Welcome Address Director-General IAA
    Kwabena T. Obese-Jecty  Welcome Address 10th Forum Click Here
  • Internal Auditing: An Effective Management Tool For Good Governance
    Mr. Eric Yankah  Click Here
  • Fighting Corruption
    Justice Francis Emile Short   Click Here
  • Implementing Audit Recommendations: Challenges and the way Forward.
    Mr. Kwame Asante  Click Here
  • Implementing Audit Recommendations: Challenges and the way Forward (Visuals)

    Mr. Kwame Asante  Click Here

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